Watford to Alvinston Road race to take traditional route


The 301 people who signed up for the Watford Alvinston Optimist Road Race won’t need to make a detour.

Officials with the County of Lambton say Nauvoo Road has reopened.

Glen Hamill, the county’s construction supervisor, says last year road crews noticed a culvert near Lasalle Road on Nauvoo was failing. The county tried to fix it but part of the road fell away.

Over the last two weeks about 80 meters of the road was ripped up to repair the culvert which failed. Officials with the historic road race were watching closely to see if the route would be ready and Hamill says it is.

Hamill praised the contractor saying they worked hard to get the work completed in the tight timeframe. “The geo technical engineers came in and found there was more work than we thought that was going to have to be done and the crews did it all in one day – it was great.”

Hamill adds he’s pleased the road will be ready for the 57th running of the road race. “If people drive by in a car, they may not see the work; when they run over it, they may be able to get a look.”