Pie-faced for a good cause at LCCVI


Heather Wright Photo

LCCVI Science teacher Wayne Saunders was pie-eyed during the high school’s annual Christmas assembly. The group Beyond Ourselves held an auction to see what staff members and students would take either a pie or a cake in the face. Saunders – who gamely walked to his doom in a full face shield and hard hat – was one of the teachers left with pie on their face. Math Teacher Terry Lachance took the attitude if you can’t beat them, join them and ate the cake after having it smashed in his face. And student Charlie Pakalins shared a laugh with teacher – and next-door neighbour – Charlotte Wright-Boyd after she had the honor of smashing a chocolate cake in his face. In all, $782. 62 was raised in the auction to buy food and toys for families in need this Christmas. That’s $600 more than last year’s event.n-pie-4