CP to shell out more to keep Dawn-Euphemia tracks open


Two of three rural rail crossings in Dawn-Euphemia will remain open.

Canadian Pacific Railway has agreed to pay $425,000 to place lights and crossing arms at two rail crossings where the track comes to the road at a 40 degree angle. Dawn-Euphemia will also kick in $175,000.

The move comes after a mid-November accident at Euphemia Line which claimed the life of a Newbury man. He was crossing the train track in a stake truck filled with grain and it is believed he didn’t see the train coming because of the angle of the tracks

Transport Canada, which regulates the railways, has long expressed concern about angled tracks at level crossings. Immediately after the accident Transport Canada ordered Euphemia Line and Bilton Line closed and a crossing guard placed at Fansher Road.

CP then went to Dawn-Euphemia Council to propose a solution, close two roads and CP would pay for the lights and arms at one of the crossings. If Dawn-Euphemia wanted the other signalized, it would have to pay the entire $350,000.

The municipality went back to the company saying it was willing to pay for half of the cost of one of the crossings. CP agreed.

The negotiations with the rail company has left politicians in the municipality just what its obligations are when it comes to paying for rail crossings.

Transport Canada has said it eventually wants all rail crossings signalized and that worries Mayor Al Broad. “We have four additional crossings in Dawn-Euphemia,” he says. “We need at some point her to find out what the rules and regulations are when it comes to crossings.

“We need to meet with Transport Canada.”

Councilor Leslea Williams agrees. “How did the arrive at that cost-sharing agreement,” she asks. “We need to find out.”

Broad says that may take a meeting with Transport Canada in the future.