Mooretown beats Petrolia in Silver Stick final on an OT penalty shot


The Mooretown Flags defeated the Petrolia Oilers in the Bantam B North American Silver Stick after scoring on a controversial penalty shot call in the third overtime.

The Oilers struck first scoring with just seconds left in the first period at the game in Forest. Mooretown tied it up in the second and had a number of great chances in the third to win but the Oilers goaltender Cole Irwin had a couple of great stops in the dying seconds.

The teams played two overtime periods and had just over two minutes left in the third when Mooretown stormed the net. The referee called a penalty shot saying one of the Oilers had touched the puck with his hand while it was in the crease.

Mooretown scored on the penalty shot ending the game and winning the coveted Silver Stick.

The game was a rematch of the regional final which Petrolia won at home over Christmas.


  1. Why was the penalty shot “controversial”?? In the 3rd OT it would be a pretty black and white call i think.

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