Plympton-Wyoming residents say former camp could be dog park or passive park


There have been lots of suggestions but still no solid ideas of how Plympton-Wyoming residents will use the former Camp Lamrecton.

The United Church gave the municipality the beachfront land last fall saying it was no longer viable to run as a camp.

Mayor Lonny Napper was excited by the prospect saying it is very rare for waterfront property to be reclaimed by the municipality.

The Parks and Recreation Committee asked the public how they thought the camp could be used.

In a report to council, Clerk Brianna Coughlin says people suggested an off-leash dog park, a boat launch, walking and biking trails, more picnic areas and a pavilion.

But there were also suggestions the land be sold off for real estate development or simply return it to the church.

Napper says the municipality agreed to take on the land under the condition it would not re-sell it, so real estate development is out of the question.

But he says the other ideas, which would see the area used as a passive park, have some merit. “A lot of people think it should be a passive park,” he says noting “there is a nice open space and a playground right across the road as well as soccer fields.”

Another idea Napper hopes will be explored is looking for a private group to run day camps from the property. “We could also offer it to the churches in the area if they want to offer bible schools out there in the summer.”

Napper says the conditions of the cabins make it unlikely an overnight camp could be offered on the property.

And he says the municipality still has to determine which of the buildings can be repurposed and which will have to be removed.

The Parks and Recreation Committee will look at the ideas and may hold a public meeting for more input.

Meantime, Napper continues planning for a Lamrecton reunion which will likely be held in June to allow former campers to come back and say goodbye to the place so many childhood summer memories were formed.