How much do you know about concussions?


Lambton Public Health wants parents to know more about concussions.

Statistics from local emergency departments show concussions are the most common injury for people between the ages of 10 and 19 and half of them happened during sports. Hockey, football and rugby were the most common sports with concussions.

“Concussions are injuries that are not as visible as a cut or broken bone; sometimes they are invisible,” says Nadia Butchey, Health Promoter in a news release. “It’s important that parents know the symptoms of a concussion to help manage the risks and to ensure their child’s safety and health.”

Until March 11, parents can take a quiz called Your Child’s Brain Matters at Lambton Public Health’s website to learn more about what to look for with a head injury.

Butchey says it’s important parents are informed because concussions pose a greater risk to kids than adults since their brains are still developing until they’re 25. Butchey adds if a child returns to sports before a concussion has healed, they can develop complications including learning difficulties, depression and anxiety.