Welcoming the snow in Petrolia


Tuesday’s return to winter came just in time in Petrolia.

Officials with the Town of Petrolia have been watching the skies and the forecast waiting for the white stuff so people can begin making snow sculptures. The town started its annual contest Feb. 1, however there hasn’t been very much snow. In fact, Laurissa Ellsworth, director of marketing for the town, says only one person has been able to scrape together enough snow to make a tiny animal to enter the contest.

“I feel bad for the young people in our community because I want them to have the opportunity to submit an entry and get outside and have fun,” she says. “The last two years there has been no question, there has been so much snow. In fact in 2014, people were building sculptures and they were covered up immediately by more snow.”

The contest is supposed to end February 15, however Ellsworth says it may be extended if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

If there is snow, this year’s theme is animals. To enter register your address by sending an email to

Ellsworth at [email protected] Submissions will be accepted via Facebook, email, or in person at Town Hall and The Centre.