Brooke-Alvinston councils asks OHA to keep Flyers in Alvinston


Brooke-Alvinston wants the Flyers to stay in Alvinston.

The municipal council passed a resolution March 10 at the suggestion of Mayor Don McGugan “saying we are opposed to the move.”

The resolution will outline some of the municipality’s concerns, including the loss of a major ice user and an institution in the community. It will be sent to the Ontario Hockey Association that is set to make a decision on the controversial move April 20.

The organization shocked the community in February when it filed papers for the move the team which got its start in Alvinston 27 years ago to Petrolia. President Dennis Meston says he hopes being closer to a larger centre will make it easier to attract better talent.

OHA President Karen Phibbs was surprised to hear about Brooke-Alvinston’s resolution when contacted by The Independent. She says generally when a team asks for a move, it is other teams which voice opposition to the plan. In the case of the Flyers, the surrounding Jr. C teams have no objections.

But for the first time in her term as president, Phibbs says there has been a write-in campaign from the community. About 35 post cards have been received requesting the team stay in Alvinston.

Phibbs says the membership committee will review the requests and the concerns which have been voiced and then pass the issue to the board of directors for its April 20 meeting.

“When  it comes to moving a team and making a change – these are tough calls for people to consider and to make,” she says. “The membership committee tries very hard to take everything into consideration and see what’s feasible and what’s good for the kids…It comes down to how well the community supports the team that’s there.”

Phibbs says the OHA will “have to look into” the council’s resolution to “see what the support to the team has been and what it can be moving forward.”

For it’s part, the municipal council wanted to voice its concerns, but McGugan cautions hopeful fans “council can’t solve the problem.”