Live! From Petrolia – it’s Victoria Park!


You’ll soon be able to see what is going on in Petrolia’s Victoria Park without ever leaving your computer.

Recently, the Town of Petrolia contracted Damar Security to reconfigure the security cameras in the downtown. The cameras were originally installed in about five years ago for $25,000 under a Safe Community Grant.

The town can’t access the footage without the OPPs consent but it has been helpful in solving acts of vandalism – like when the scarecrows downtown were set on fire – or helping police during the July 2014 bank robbery downtown, according to Dave Menzies, director of facilities and community services for the town.

When Damar arrived to do the $17,000 refit, it also installed a camera trained on Victoria Park.

Laurissa Ellsworth, director of marketing and special events, says the feed from the camera will eventually be live streamed on the town’s website so people can see some of the events taking place in Victoria Park.

“People will be able to click on it on the website; it’s like a human-interest camera,” she says. “It’s nice to show how lively the town is.”