VPP likely to turn a $119,000 profit this year

Actors and singers have not been able to perform since the pandemic began.

Heather Wright

The Independent

Victoria Playhouse Petrolia could make a $119,000 this year.

That from a report to Town Council on the 2016 presented by Richard Poore, director of cultural services.

The report shows 89 per cent of the tickets available this season were sold bringing in 31,918 people and generating $1,594,649 – $119,063 over its expenses.

That’s a far cry from five years ago, where, according to the report, there was a loss of about $386,000.

“You and the team have really turned the theatre around,” Councillor Joel Field told Poore. “Last year, I said ‘How are they going to top this?’” says Councillor Tim Brown referring to the 2015 season which brought in $1.53 million, “and they did it again.”

Mayor John McCharles was also encouraged by the strong season but is concerned that “only eight per cent of the audience is from the Town of Petrolia.

“It is a little bit disturbing that we have this here and people don’t take advantage of it.”

Most of the VPP ticket buyers come from outside of Lambton County – 63 per cent. Forty-four percent of those come from under 100 kilometers. The VPP advertises heavily in the London market.

Only three per cent of this year’s patrons came from Michigan – about 155 ticket holders – despite an advertising campaign to draw them because of the low dollar.

By comparison, 475 Petrolia residents bought tickets for one or more shows.

VPP customers are loyal. The report shows the average ticket purchaser buys five tickets a year.