On the road again: Petrolia celebrates end of construction

Petrolia Line


There will be construction workers along Petrolia Line for a while yet but work on the $5 million reconstruction of the downtown is essentially complete.

That according to Mike Thompson, director of operations with the Town of Petrolia.

He says Henry Heyink workers had “substantially completed the work by Friday around 5 p.m. and the town immediately opened the road to traffic.

Thompson says there are a number of things still to be done. Some of the parking will be blocked off during the week as crews erect and connect streetlights and pour concrete.

The town still has to return the street furniture, such as benches and garbage cans from King Street to the Kerby area as well.

Thompson added the town is doing its best to clean up the street as it prepares for Saturday’s Big Dig Street Party. The town is closing Petrolia Line from Greenfield to Centre St. for a day-long celebration which includes free food, a ball hockey tournament and free concerts at night.