Oil Springs hall now accessible


Judith Alix of the Judith and Norman Alix Foundation, Oil Springs Mayor Ian Veen, Oil Springs residents Terry Chesney and Dennis Lynch cut the ribbon to mark the opening of the Oil Springs Post Office ramp Tuesday.

The $55,000 project, designed to improve access to the building, was completed in December.

The federal government kicked in $24,750 through a Community Infrastructure Program and the Alix Foundation contributed $10,000 to the project. The remainder was funded through municipal reserves.

Besides allowing residents better access to the post office, library patrons are able to access services at the Lambton County Library branch located within the building.

A community hall located on the second floor is currently being revamped and organizers are looking for donors and volunteers. The windows have recently been replaced and some of the brickwork repaired. The building located on Oil Springs Line dates back to 1932 and is a designated heritage site.

Pam Wright Photo