Must homeowners have wheelie bins asks Dawn-Euphemia


It’s not clear if all Dawn-Euphemia residents will have to use a new roadside garbage and recycling system if it moves ahead.
The municipality is investigating offering roadside collection of both garbage and recycling through the entire municipality using ‘Wheelie Bins.’ The rolling garbage containers are used by Bluewater Recycling’s automated trucks and are shown to dramatically increase the amount of recycling in the communities which use them.
Residents of the former Euphemia Township have had their waste and recyclables collected for some time but those in Dawn have taken their garbage to the dump and the recyclables to a depot in Rutherford.
The township is considering ex- panding garbage collection across the community but has faced some opposition. About 75 people turned up at two public meetings recently to talk about the issue. A number were vocally opposed to the idea.
“Based on texts and emails I got, east of (former Highway) 21 seemed to be very favourable, but it sure wasn’t west of 21… which makes sense because they’re right beside the dump,” says Mayor Al Broad.
Broad has said the system, if it is implemented, wouldn’t be mandatory but Councillor Jason Myers thinks if the township plans roadside garbage and recycling it should “jump in with both feet.
“I’m thinking about the future of the township and what happens when the dump closes,” says Myers.
And he says it could attract new residents.
“If I’m from town and I’m sick of my neighbours, it sure would be nice to have all the amenities here including garbage and recycling.”
But Broad says council never discussed making curbside collection mandatory for everyone and if that’s what council is thinking, the public should be informed.
Council has asked for a meeting with Bluewater Recycling to find out if all residents would have to be involved in the system before moving ahead.