Landfill expansion request goes to province

Warwick - home to Twin Creeks, one of the province's largest landfills - could be the anchor for a hub of new recycling technology.

The Independent Staff

What has been in the works for some time is now closer to a reality.
Warwick Township has received a letter from Waste Management indicating the Houston-based company has filed a formal application to increase its capacity from 750,000 to 1.4 million tonnes of waste each year, including contaminated waste, to its Twin Creek site near Watford.
The company had previously provided notice and consultation through the Environmental Screening Process.
“This increase will allow the Twin Creeks Landfill to received wastes historically directed to the Petrolia Landfill, which is scheduled to close in 2017, in addition to retaining and serving a growing customer base,” the letter stated.
As part of the application to amend the amount of waste it can receive, the company also says it will update its best practices plan to deal with additional dust and odour as well as any adverse issues with air quality.
There’s no word if the decision will be made before the provincial election.


  1. It’s going to be filled anyway, now be 35 years of trucks , if accepted more 20 years of trucks . From what I read not expanding overall filling area or height

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