Napper wants a deputy mayor in PW


The Independent Staff

Everything old may be new again in Plympton-Wyoming.
Mayor Lonny Napper says he wants a deputy mayor to be elected in the 2018 municipal election.
The municipality had a deputy mayor until 2014, when council voted to eliminate the position.
Napper says it would be helpful to have one person to designate some of the work to instead of asking councillors to pitch in.
He added if the mayor “expires” while in office, there has been instances in the past where Plympton-Wyoming wasn’t represented for months at the county level. The mayor represents council there normally.
Staff will look into the issue and report back quickly. CAO Carolyn Tripp says it is possible to work out the details in time for the next election which will be October 2018.


  1. Having a Deputy Reeve is a necessity in today’s Municipal Governance. With the expectations the voter puts on performance of elected officials, a Deputy Mayor will fill in the “gaps” on behalf of the Mayor. This is only common sense and most assuredly should be an expectation for the next municipal election. Although I am not a citizen of this area, I do hold many warm memories when I was. From all accounts, Lonny Napper has represented you well. I am certain it would not be asked, if it wasn’t needed!

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