New home coverage rules should be adequate: planner


Petrolia’s planner says proposed changes to how much land a home can cover on a lot should be “more than adequate” to satisfy a growing desire for larger homes.
Town Council will be looking at changes to its zoning bylaw Nov. 27. It held a education session on the changes Monday night.
One of the major changes is the increase in the percentage of lot coverage for homes.
Now, homes may only cover 30 per cent of the lot. It is suggested that increase to 35 per cent.
Rob Nesbitt told councillors that would mean on a 60 foot by 150 foot lot, a home could have a footprint of over 3,000 square feet without cutting back on the amount of landscaped area or driveways.
“It should be more than adequate,” Nesbitt told councillors.
The average lot size is now about 50 feet by 110. If council agrees to increase the lot coverage to 35 per cent, that would mean a home on an average lot could have a 1,883 square foot footprint and not affect the amount of yard or driveway area on the lot.
Developer Bob Leaper said the change was a long time coming.
He was told by the town the idea was being considered three years ago.
Leaper said he did not apply for increased lot coverage in 2014 because town staff told him it was already being considered.
The increase in lot coverage was one of a few small changes the town is considering to its zoning bylaws.
Nesbitt says the town has no land left that is agriculture based and suggests that all references to agriculture be removed from the official plan.
There are also provisions in the bylaw which would make it illegal for someone to park a car on their lawn.