Brooke-Alvinston residents want more opportunity to grow


Brooke-Alvinston residents want to see more opportunities for businesses in Inwood and Alvinston and also on the farm.
That after a strategic planning meeting hosted by the municipality and lead by Facilitator Bryan Boyle.
Boyle divided the group up into tables and they were asked questions and asked opinions on viable ways to build on the community’s strengths.
Some of the concern focused on developing more opportunities for business both in Inwood and Alvinston but also more rural employment in farming.
There was a consensus there is a disconnect between the communities service and community organizations, “It’s so important for the different organizations to work together co- operatively and not forgetting to see that they are all a part of the bigger picture,” says Boyle. Through his work with many different groups Boyle has seen first hand how sharing experiences and learning from each other is critical.
Boyle believes Brooke-Alvinston can make the difference to ensure a bright future for everyone one from within, “Solutions are in the hands of the decision makers,” Boyle said, “but communication with the rate payer is critical.”
The meeting was the first in the process. Boyle plans to meet with council in the new year. “We will then spend a full day with council and senior staff using a similar approach putting together a master plan to achieve decided upon goals.”

Liana Russwurm For The Independent