Linton says current St. Clair council lacks connection with community


Like his campaign slogan ‘Ed for Mayor’, St. Clair Township candidate Ed Linton likes taking a direct approach.
“I have knowledge and experience,” the Courtright resident says. “I meet problems head on and in person. I am a leader.”
A boilermaker by trade, currently working at Imperial Oil, Linton’s work includes serving on various health and safety committees. Linton, a former volunteer firefighter and first aid instructor, has also served on a local roads committee, as well as being a director for two major political parties
Linton thinks the number one issue facing St. Clair is complacency and it’s one of the reasons the political newcomer has thrown his hat in the ring.
“There’s a lack of connection with the community,” Linton says. “With these changing times, we need fresh ideas, more open communication and new leadership.”
He says he know how to build consensus. “I’m not afraid of scrutiny,” he explains.
The lack of high-speed Internet in St. Clair is a problem, Linton notes, even though it’s not the municipality’s job to provide the service. “The current council has tried,” he says, “but we have to keep looking.
“Maybe there’s an opportunity with new technologies,” he says, adding the municipality may have to come up with “financial encouragement.”
The aging Moore Sports Complex and golf clubhouse also need a major investment, he adds, and this may involve getting input from residents and sports groups to see what they want. He favours revamping over rebuilding, but if a rebuild is necessary, Calling the township a “beautiful and amazing place…We can work hard all week and hunt and fish in our time off, or we can walk the river trail and enjoy life,” he says.