Plympton-Wyoming to tackle sporadic internet problems

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Some days Kristen Rodrigues turns her modem on and off 20 times “hoping that will magically fix” her slow internet.
It doesn’t.
Rodrigues and 40 of her neighbours from the Blue Point/Lake Huron shoreline recently went to council complaining about slow, expensive internet service in one of the fastest growing areas in Lambton County.
Rodrigues says access is “sporadic at best…There has been too much growth and not enough infrastructure in place.”
Rodrigues isn’t the only one concerned. She’s talked to developers in the area who are receiving complaints from homebuyers having problems with access.

Plympton-Wyoming is forming a committee in the hopes of attracting a service provider to the area.

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2 Responses to “Plympton-Wyoming to tackle sporadic internet problems”

  1. Kath acdonald

    Confederation line. There are parts where little to no internet is available.

  2. Sharrise Farkas

    I live just outside of wyoming and are access to internet is expensive and slow we need better providers around or more internet towns to go up