Lambton-Kent schools to close if CUPE strikes Monday


Parent’s in Lambton-Kent may be spending the weekend looking for child care.

Both the Lambton-Kent public and the St. Clair Catholic school boards say they will close schools if members of CUPE go out on strike Monday.

CUPE has been trying to reach a new contract with the provincial government and has a last ditch effort this weekend to try to reach a deal for clerks, custodians and various types of educational assistants. If a deal can’t be reached, they’re heading out on strike Monday.

“Student safety is the top priority for the Lambton Kent District School Board (LKDSB). If the strike proceeds, CUPE staff will not report to work. In our schools and across our system, CUPE represents custodians, early childhood educators, educational assistants, secretaries, library and computer technicians and other school-based and central staff members. A full strike would mean none of these important supports for schools would be in place and the LKDSB will not be able to safely operate our schools,” say public board officials in a news release.

Catholic officials agree.

Both board say the schools will be closed Monday if the strike moves ahead and say they will be closed for the duration of the strike.

And both board are urging parents to make alternative child care arrangements.