Lambton looks at energy-from-waste plant


Warwick Mayor Jackie Rombouts believes there is big money in garbage and Lambton should take advantage of it.

She was one of the majority of council members who agree the county should look at being a host to an energy from waste plant.
There are about six energy from waste plants in Canada – about 1,000 in the US. They turn municipal and industrial solid waste into electricity and heat for industry to use or for heating.

Proponents say it is an ecologically sound, cost effective way of waste reduction and energy creation.

Sarnia City/County Councillor Margaret Bird championed the idea. “Waste is a huge issue,” she says adding as landfill space is eaten up, it will be even more pressing to find alternatives.

“Man has traveled round to space and the landed on the moon and we still have landfills,” she told councillors. Bird adds energy from waste plants are “widely recognized as technology that can mitigate climate change…

“No waste is ever wasted.”
Sarnia City/County Councillor Brian White agreed.
“It is the opportunity for our municipality to get into the business and earn a little extra revenue.”

Rombouts – whose community hosts the largest landfill in the province – is also keen on the idea.

“There is big money in garbage right now and I agree with Councillor Bird the sooner we get started the better.”

Rombouts says it takes 10 years to work through the Environmental Assessment process.

“At a minimum it takes 10 years to get things off the ground.”
She added the Twin Creeks Landfill could be a good partner saying Waste Management continues to increase the amount of waste it accepts.
County staff will investigate the idea and bring the findings back to council.