ATVs not welcome on St. Clair roads


St. Clair Councillor Rose Atkins says Port Lambton residents are angry about the use of ATVs on city streets in the village at all hours of the day and night.

Mayor Steve Arnold has been hearing the same complaints, and says the ATVs have no place on the road in St. Clair Township. “You cannot run an ATV on the road, end of story. It’s totally illegal under the Highway Traffic Act,” the mayor told councillors Monday.

Arnold says the only places ATVs are allowed on the road are in Oil Springs and Chatham-Kent. 

The mayor says there is no need to pass a local bylaw banning their use on roads because the practice is already illegal. Arnold says residents should contact the OPP as often as they see an incident.

A note will be added to the township’s website reminding people of the rules surrounding off-road vehicles, which Port Lambton residents could then share in their community.