Canada Day celebrations cancelled, delayed in Central Lambton


Canada Day is going to look a whole lot different in Petrolia and Central Lambton this year.

Several communities have cancelled their usual plans to mark the day.

Brooke-Alvinston announced Friday it’s usual celebration has been cancelled this year due to the restrictions around COVID-19.

Warwick Township cancelled its plans Tuesday.

A joint Canada Day celebration hosted by Petrolia, Plympton-Wyoming and Enniskillen is on hold.

The three municipalities all applied for grant money from the federal government to host a larger than normal fireworks display in Petrolia. All three communities received the grant and were planning a special event for Canada Day.

But that was before the pandemic hit and the province placed restrictions on the number of people gathering in one spot.

Right now, only five people are allowed to gather in one spot at a time. Petrolia’s celebrations, which traditionally people from Plympton-Wyoming and Enniskillen attend, draws thousands of people.

Laurissa Ellsworth, director of marketing arts and communication for the Town of Petrolia, says while they’re looking at what they can do for Canada Day, there won’t be a fireworks display unless it is a virtual display.

The town piloted an app on the Victoria Day weekend which allowed residents to see a fireworks display in their backyards without setting off any fireworks.

But Ellsworth says the communities still want to have some sort of big celebration together in 2020.

“Maybe as we move through the year and the restrictions loosen up, maybe we’ll have an event. It might not be Canada Day but we can bring the communities together to do some of the things we do on Canada Day.”

Plympton-Wyoming CAO Carolyn Tripp agreed.

“I think it’d be very much the same thing (as Canada Day) provided it can be arranged … subject to what time of year that is and the availability. So the idea is let’s do fireworks but that is the hope to have a celebration when COVID-19 is over.”