Wyoming bank soon to wellness centre

The now vacant TD Bank in Wyoming is under renovations to become a health centre. The bank turned the building over to the Town of Plympton Wyoming in June.

Alex Kurial
Local Journalism Initiative

Wyoming’s TD Bank is now officially in the hands of Plympton-Wyoming and Mayor Lonny Napper says they have big plans for it.

The Broadway Street building was donated by the bank and is set to be transformed into a health and wellness centre. A variety of programs will be offered with the future goal of bringing a doctor or nurse practitioner back to the town.

“It’s a real plus for the town, I think it’s something that will get used a lot. We’re very pleased to get it, we’re hoping that we can maybe lure some doctors in,” says Napper. “We’re grateful to the bank for doing this for us.”

“To be able to have our own people go and access a lot of these outreach programs that different agencies are offering is a big help for us.”

The mayor says right now, residents drive to Sarnia just to get services such as a smoking cessation.

Napper envisions all sorts of programs in the building, including treatment for diabetes, mental health, dyslexia and even cooking classes.

Napper says the building will be a big boon for the babies of the town – and of course their parents. “Wyoming’s got lots of babies! You look at everybody out walking in the evening and there’s a lot of strollers with little ones,” says the mayor. Napper says there should be programs geared toward seniors’ health as well.

The mayor says renovations will begin on the building right away. He hopes by the fall there will be at least a meeting room up and running. Council will be discussing more detailed plans for the space in coming meetings.

Napper also hopes to have a board to help with programming for the centre.