Petrolia Farmers’ Market finally sprouts for the season


Enhanced social distancing measures were the theme at the season opening of the Petrolia Farmers’ Market.

The old train station behind the library lacked the bustle of previous opening days, but still managed to draw people in spurts in their quest for fresh fruits and veggies Saturday.

Volunteers were on hand to guide people through the market and observe social distancing. One group at a time was allowed up to the stands, where they pointed out their choices to vendors before proceeding to the next stand.

The market was only at half capacity with four vendors, but that number is expected to reach the maximum eight on coming Saturdays.

Devyn Zekveld’s stand was the first point of contact for many market goers. He felt opening day was a success. “It’s actually been pretty busy. We’re still getting used to the different way of doing things, but so far it’s been pretty nice. You always get the people you recognize, it’s nice to be able to see them again and get them their fresh produce” says Zekveld.

“Everybody’s keeping their distance. They’re not in a rush and they’re understanding of the time it takes to help everyone,” Zekveld says of the social distance measures. 

Dave Naus brought his two children Eleanor and Ezra to the market. While he felt some of the measures went a bit far, Naus says it’s better to make everyone feel comfortable.

“You want the most concerned people to be able to still come. If you took no measures there’s some people who would come, but if you take all the measures than everybody can come,” says Naus. 

The market will run every Saturday until Oct. 10.