Vile attack nets woman probation


Alex Kurial
Local Journalism Initiative

“Vile and repugnant.” This is how a Sarnia judge described the actions of Ashley Wakefield following her guilty plea to assaulting a police officer. 
The assault took place at the Sarnia police station following an arrest for breaching bail in April after a fight with her long-term boyfriend.
The court heard Wakefield began to take off her clothes in the jail cell and jam them in the toilet. She then flushed repeatedly, causing a flood in the cell that spilled into the hallway. As she was moved out of the cell so it could be cleaned Wakefield spit on one of the officers. 
“I can’t imagine the concern that caused the officer and his family after that occurred,” Justice Krista Leszczynski said during sentencing on July 22 – Wakefield’s birthday.
Wakefield, now 35, received 30 days in jail on charges of assault, mischief, drug possession, and multiple breaches of bail.
The assault came after a culmination of bail breaches that all involved violation of a no-contact order with William Gallerno. “Your relationship with Mr. Gallerno… is a very unhealthy relationship,” says Justice Leszczynski. “It appears that you have struggled significantly with abiding by court orders not to associate with him.” 
The court heard that since Sept. 19, 2019 Sarnia Police have received 15 complaints from Wakefield about Gallerno. 
Wakefield was ordered to serve 18 months of probation upon her release. She’ll have to stay away from Gallerno and drugs and will also pay a $500 fine on the drug charge.
Wakefield will serve the first part of her sentence in jail as she waits for a court hearing on charges stemming from a scuffle with police in June.
The court heard Wakefield and Gallerno and police officers were involved in a struggle at a Christina St. hotel as police tried to arrest them.
Police say Wakefield allegedly tried to grab the officers gun. She’s facing charges of resisting arrest, disarming a police officer and escaping custody in the incident. Gallerno is also charged in the incident.