Lambton’s MOH hasn’t seen increase in cases since Canada Day

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Lambton’s Medical Officer of Health says two weeks after Canada Day, there is not a surge in cases of COVID-19 in the region.

There was concern as people flocked to beaches in the hot weather prompting concerns about the spread of COVID-19 and suggestions beaches should be shut down.

Tuesday, there was one new case of COVID-19 diagnosed in Lambton County. Dr. Sudit Ranade says the contacts of the person have been notified but Public Health is still trying to figure out what the source of the infection has been.

“We’ve had several kind of days …and places where people have been gathering and we don’t have any information to show people have been exposed in that way,” says Ranade.

“We are still going to get cases popping up; it’s a balance between recognizing that it may not be out there in great amounts, but it is still around. It’s that fine line that were trying to walk right now about staying concerned about it but also recognize we don’t believe there is a lot of it out there right now. But it is still there.”