Man critically injured during incident with OPP dies


The man shot in Enniskillen Township while Lambton OPP were at his home has died.

The province’s Special Investigation Unit is probing the Oct. 26th incident.

Police were called to the rural home around 7:30 pm for a man in mental distress. The SIU says police went to the back of the property and secured the area. At 10:45 pm, the OPP’s Emergency Response team went into the rear of the property and found the man with a gunshot wound. SIU Spokesperson Monica Hudon says it was believed at the time the wound was self-inflicted.

Hudon confirms the man died Sunday in hospital. Hudon says it doesn’t alter the course of the SIU’s investigation.

“The investigation process remains essentially the same. Our investigators are continuing to interview witnesses and analyze evidence. The only thing that changes in death cases is that there is evidence from a post mortem that has to be assessed,” she says in an email to The Independent.

The SIU is not releasing any more information about what may have happened, including whether a mental health professional had been called in to assist.

Hudon isn’t sure how long it will be before the SIU releases more information.
“Due to complexity or circumstances, it’s difficult to know how long it will take to complete an investigation. The length of time might be impacted by factors such as how long it took to conduct interviews and/or gather and analyze evidence.

“In many instances, the Unit must also await receipt of reports from outside organizations such as the Centre of Forensic Sciences or the Coroner’s Office.”