‘We are at a critical juncture – we need a large influx of vaccines’ says Lambton MOH

Lambton Public Health Supervisor Anita Trusler at the first mass vaccination clinic in Point Edward in March 2021. The stand alone clinics in Point Edward, Wyoming and Forest will close March 31.

Ranade’s statement comes one day after MPP says Lambton has not ‘been left behind’

Lambton’s medical officer of health says the county is at “a critical juncture” and needs a “large influx” of vaccines.

Dr. Sudit Ranade issued a rare Saturday statement about the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines just one day after the local MPP praised public health for a strong roll out and that Lambton wasn’t being short changed of vaccines.

Sarnia Lambton MPP Bob Bailey said Friday Public Health Ontario statistics show by April 3, 19.9 per cent of all eligible residents in the county were vaccinated – the sixth highest rate of the 34 public health units.

“Dr. Ranade and the team at Lambton Public Health have done a tremendous job delivering these life-saving vaccines to the people of Lambton County,” said Bailey in the written statement Friday.  “There is a lot of negative chatter out there, online and in the media, that somehow Lambton County has been left behind. That is simply not true.”

Ranade’s statement Saturday starts with these words: Lambton County needs more vaccine to keep its COVID-19 immunization clinics operating.

“We are not the only region suffering from a lack of vaccine supply,” says Ranade. “While we’ve been doing fairly well on the immunization front so far, our COVID case counts are still very concerning. We continue to see outbreaks in workplaces and schools.

“We are at a critical juncture – we need a large influx of vaccines to keep our clinics running and most importantly, to keep our residents protected.”

The average supply of COVID-19 vaccines for March has been around 5,000 doses per week. Together, with its partners Bluewater Health, Lambton County EMS, and local municipalities, the region has the capacity in place right now to deliver 10,000 doses per week through fixed and mobile clinics. 

Until the supply increases, the Point Edward Arena mass vaccination clinic will only run four days a week, rather than six.

Lambton Public Health is currently developing a strategy with the County of Lambton to advocate for the delivery of more vaccines in the region.

“We understand the Province is under immense pressure to get every region on a level playing field, but if we don’t ask, we can’t expect to get more allocations,” says Ranade.

“Now is the time, and our amazing staff and volunteers are ready, willing and waiting to get shots into the arms of our local residents. The sooner we can do that the better.”