Warwick’s history to come to life

Warwick township Historical Society PHOTO Duncan Dunlop Jr. and his wife Elizabeth with Marjorie Thomson. Dunlop was one of the original settlers of Warwick. He came with his father, a one-legged Napoleonic War veteran. Both men worked clearing Egremont Road according to the Warwick Township Historical Society.

Warwick’s history will soon unfold on a TV screen.

Peter Janes is planning to use the Warwick Historical Society’s book, A Story Through Time, and bring it to life on film.

“My plan is to follow a fictional family from just before Warwick was opened for settlement (1832) to the 1940s. With over six thousand entries now in my collection I am sure I have the material to cover this period well,” he told Warwick councillors July 5.

He expects it will take between one and three years to complete the two hour film based on the 25 chapter book which Janes says has become the standard for other historical societies to follow.

Janes has produced a number of films about local history including a church supper in Warwick but never is paid.

“I’m retired. I love doing history. If I want to spend a day going over the stagecoaches which came through Warwick, that’s my privilege.”

While he won’t be paid, the township has given him $3,300 to buy a new computer to complete the task.

The township is also talking with Janes about a project on the history of Centennial Hall. It is scheduled to be demolished once the new community centre is complete.