Flight from Tim Hortons draws 45-day sentence

Police search for a man who fled from Tim Hortons in April 2019 with the Canine Unit.

Alex Kurial/Local Journalism Initiative

A Windsor man who, briefly, escaped from police while patronizing the local coffee shop was given a 45 day jail sentence.

Brayden Morency had illegally taken up residence on Eureka Street in April 2019. He’d been on probation for the past three years with conditions to live in a different place.

But this wasn’t why OPP officers approached him at the Petrolia Tim Hortons the morning of April 10. He was wanted by Windsor Police on other matters but had left the region. Officers approached the seated Morency to make the arrest.

But after explaining to him what was happening Morency suddenly jumped up and leapt over the half-wall of the seating area. He fled out the door and bolted across the street, disappearing into people’s backyards. Schools in Petrolia were locked down as police searched for the man.

Morency was later found and arrested.

Justice Anne McFadyen found the joint submission from Crown Attorney Aniko Coughlan and Defence Lawyer Laura Joy of 45 days a reasonable resolution. The sentence is covered by time Morency has already spent in jail.

Defence Lawyer Laura Joy says her client has prospects following this, noting he’s “very artistic and a great rapper.” She says Morency hopes to make a career in the industry.
While this matter is now settled, Morency still faces other legal issues.

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