Woman pleads guilty to manslaughter in Warwick killing

Jesse Storr

A 37-year old woman admitted she killed a Warwick man in his home three years ago after a violent confrontation over his abuse of her sister.

Tina George, 37 from Kettle and Stony Point, appeared by video in Sarnia Superior Court pleading guilty in the death of Jesse Storr. She was supposed to go to trial in December on a charge of second degree murder but plead guilty to manslaughter Friday.

Storr, 29, was found injured in his Egremont Road home the afternoon of April 29, 2018 but what actually happened in the chaotic, drug and alcohol-fueled confrontation came to light with Friday’s guilty plea.

Storr was killed, according to Crown Attorney Melanie Nancekievill, after George plunged a steak knife into his chest following a violent domestic argument.

There was a long and rocky history between the victim and George. Storr had three children with one of George’s sisters and – following a divorce – began dating another of her sisters. 

Both relationships with George’s sisters were described as “tumultuous,” marred by both verbal and physical abuse. Storr’s girlfriend at the time of his death says he was “abusive, controlling and threatened to kill her if she ever left him.”

The root of Storr’s issues were attributed to addiction. Growing up in Forest and Kettle and Stony Point, his family says he became addicted to cocaine, fentanyl, methamphetamine and oxycodone while at Fanshawe College. Failed rehab attempts and an inability to keep steady employment marred the final decade of Storr’s life.

Storr’s addiction scarred his personal life, too. In addition to his divorce, Storr was convicted of assault in 2016 for throwing George down a flight of stairs during a fight. His father had kicked him out of the family home two months before his death. Storr’s children all lived with their mother. 

The day before his violent death, Storr, George, her sister were getting along. They along with some friends spent the Saturday night at various house parties and bars in Forest and Sarnia before returning home. The George sisters drank while Storr consumed cocaine and crystal meth as they partied until 9 am.

Storr woke up in the early afternoon and began drinking. He went to wake up his girlfriend. That started an argument which quickly escalated. Storr beat and bit her, according to the statement of facts. The assault caused her eye to swell shut and bleed.

Storr told her to get out of his house.

The woman got her sister, Tina, and said they had to leave. Seeing her sister’s injuries, Tina George started yelling at Storr and the argument spilled outside.

Storr broke George’s cell phone as she tried to call for help and ripped his girlfriend’s shirt open before dragging her back inside. 

He then pushed Tina down the front steps and slammed the door on her arm several times before she fought her way back inside. They continued to fight before separating. Storr sat next to his girlfriend and told her she was “not going anywhere.”

George left the room briefly, her sister says she heard dishes rattling in the kitchen sink. George returned to the living room and before her sister could look up, she heard Storr exclaim “Ow, what the (expletive) Tina!”

The woman turned and saw Storr clutching his chest. Her sister had driven the steak knife into him and stabbed him another two times in the legs. Storr got up and managed a few steps before collapsing. 

George’s sister ran over and tried to treat the fatal wound. She called 911, Tina is heard on the call saying “I was scared… He had hurt me.”

George’s sister pointed her out to the officer as soon as he arrived. “She stabbed him!” she yelled and pointed at George.

“I had to do something, he was hurting us!” was George’s reply.

Despite attempts by an OPP officer and paramedics, Storr couldn’t be saved. He was pronounced dead at 3:04 pm, about half an hour after being stabbed.

Both sisters were taken to hospital and Tina George was brought to the Petrolia OPP station after being discharged. 

After providing a statement George was released and has been out of custody since.  

Justice Bruce Thomas agreed to hear sentencing submissions, including an in depth Gladue report which examines the Indigenous background and the effects of trauma on Tina George, Jan. 7.

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