The wait is almost over


COVID-19 restrictions have once again moved back the opening of the newly renovated Oil Museum of Canada. It, along with Lambton County’s other museums and galleries, will be opening their doors Feb. 2. The province is lifting some of the restrictions which shuttered the building. The Oil Museum has been under renovations for well over a year now and was slated to reopen Wednesday. Those who register to enter the Oil Springs landmark will see new exhibits, interactive learning experiences and get a fresh view of the oldest oil fields in the country. “The Oil Museum was first opened in 1960 and had its last major renovation 30 years ago,” said Laurie Webb, Manager, Museums, Gallery and Archives in a news release. “This project has not only allowed us to bring the physical building and its systems up to modern standards, but has given us the opportunity to completely redesign the permanent exhibition. Visitors will see the significant history of the area presented in new and engaging ways, creating a memorable experience for all visitors.” The museum plans a grand reopening in the summer.