Oil Spring’s Ollie’s successor says early spring

Peggy Jenkins holds Harvey as he makes his 2022 prediction

Harvey the Groundhog says an early spring is coming.

This is Groundhog Day and around the world, weather predicting rodents are peeking their heads out to see when winter will end.

Near Oil Springs at Heaven’s Wildlife Rehabilitation and Rescue Centre, Harvey came out around 8 am and did not see his shadow. Folklore says that means an early spring.

Harvey made his debut last year on Groundhog Day with Oil Springs Ollie showing him the ropes.

“Harvey’s years of training under the beloved and very missed Oil Springs Ollie was a proper education as well as a genuine friendship between the two,” says Peggy Jenkins in a a social media post announcing Harvey’s findings.

In eight years of prognosticating, Jenkins says Ollie was mostly correct.

Across Canada today, Wiarton Willie also predicted an early spring but Subenacadie Sam, in Nova Scotia, said there is long winter ahead.