Big backups on 402 as Windsor commercial traffic heads to Sarnia


Premier offers help if needed

The blockade of the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor is having a huge affect on traffic in Sarnia.

Protesters showing support for the so-called Freedom Convoy parked in downtown Ottawa drove up to the Windsor Bridge yesterday afternoon and have brought traffic to a crawl. Windsor Police reminded drivers that while the Huron Church approach is blocked there is another entrance to the bridge which remains open.

Police and Ambassador Bridge officials urged drivers to use the alternate entrance and the tunnel to make the crossing and asked that commercial traffic head to the Bluewater Bridge

Traffic cameras from the Ministry of Transportation show there is a long line up of transports backed up well past of the Airport Road exit to Highway 402 approaching the Bluewater Bridge. There has been talk among Sarnia-Lambton residents supporting the convoy about blocking the bridge as they did Sunday, however cameras at the border show transport trucks moving through customs both two and from the US freely.

Lambton OPP are advising drivers to take extra caution if they’re using the 402 today.

Meantime, Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley says Premier Doug Ford has been in contact with him and the mayors in Pt. Edward and Windsor to voice concern about the situation at the boarder because of the protests.

“We’re both very cogniscent of the fact that politicians don’t direct police, but in the policing issue, specifically if there is blockade, really what he was saying the answer is to tow, tow, tow. That’s what they did in Toronto. And that’s basically the message in Quebec City versus Ottawa. Because I’d mentioned maybe there is heavy ticketing, but ticketing and something you could ignore,” says Bradley.

The mayor added the premier did offer help if needed. “It’s an OPP operation and the Bluewater Bridge, they’ll have to decide if they need outside help. And I presume they would make that directly to the Queen’s Park.”