Time for the protest to end: McNaughton


Rombouts says 402 protestors plan to head to the border if convoy members arrested

Labour Minister and Lambton-Kent-Middlesex MPP Monte McNaughton says its time for the protest on the 402 and at Windsor’s Ambassador Bridge to end.

Premier Doug Ford is about to hold a news conference with Sarnia-Lambton MPP Bob Bailey says the Emergency Act will be used.

McNaughton says he supports people’s right to demonstrate but trade is being harmed. McNaughton says “there is right and wrong and clear blocking a border is wrong.” McNaughton was particularly offended by the use if children blocking the border at Windsor.

While the province may use Emergency Act powers to clear the bridge or the protest in Ottawa, at least on local politician says it won’t be easy.

Warwick Mayor Jackie Rombouts said she has talked to the protestors on the 402 at Forest Road and asked them to leave since the traffic normally on the highway is making its way to Sarnia on local roads something she says is a dangerous situation.

Rombouts says they have no plans to leave adding they vowed to head to the Bluewater Bridge to block it should police start to arrest other protestors.