‘As long as we have breath, we will fight for justice for our mother’

Brent, Alica and Joel Campbell with a picture of their mother, Fenny, who was murdered in Wyoming in 1998 by her husband, Donald Wayne Campbell. He was turned down for day parole and unescorted temporary absences Thursday.

Children of Fenny Campbell will oppose Donald Wayne Campbell’s bid for parole

Hearing to be held May 26

Three Lambton County siblings will face the parole board next Thursday in an attempt to keep their father behind bars.

Nearly 25 years ago, Donald Campbell killed his wife, Fenny, in their Wyoming home and then tried to cover up her death by disguising it as a traffic death. During the trial, it was revealed Donald Campbell had abused his wife, often humiliating her, and was seeking a way out of his marriage when he killed her in the garage of the family home.

He was convicted of first degree murder and has spent the last 25 years in prison.

In a social media post, the children of Fenny Campbell, Brent, Joel and Alicia, revealed the pain they’ve suffered.

“Our lives were forever changed in that moment, and though much time has passed, we continue to feel the impact of her loss even to present day. Our family went through times of unimaginable pain and grief, and experienced and emptiness that can’t even be described,” writes Brent who was just 15 when his mother was murdered.

“As a result of one man’s selfish actions, we were robbed as children of any sense of normalcy or stability. We didn’t get to have our mother present at our graduations, weddings, and other significant milestones. Our mother didn’t get to hold or spend time with any of her grandbabies. Our lives were literally shattered because of the actions of one man.

Brent says Campbell is now applying to the Parole Board of Canada for both unescorted temporary absences as well as day parole.

“If successful in his application, this would mean that he would be transferred from the federal institution where he is currently serving his life sentence, and moved to a halfway house where he would have unsupervised access to the community, while seeking eventual full parole,” writes Brent. The family believes he wants to live in southwestern Ontario, perhaps London or Windsor.

The trio plan to be at the parole board hearing to oppose the move.

“At this point, Donald Campbell has never taken responsibility for his actions, he has never shown any remorse for the pain he has caused, and to this day insists that he is innocent. Every court and appeal process to date has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is fully responsible and fully guilty of his crime,” Brent writes.

In 2018, Donald Campbell tried to get early parole under the faint hope clause which allowed those convicted of first degree murder a chance to be paroled after 15 years. At that time, The London Free Press reported Superior Court Justice Kirk Munroe said Campbell continued to deny responsibility for his wife’s murder. “Donald Campbell continues to be the cold, selfish, lying manipulator who murdered his wife 20 years ago,” he said, denying his request.

But after serving nearly the entire sentence, Campbell is eligible to apply for absences from federal prison.

“On May 26, 2022 we along with our families, friends, and community will continue the fight for justice for our mother Fenny, as we attend a Parole Hearing in Donald Campbell’s bid to gain freedom,” Brent says in the social media post.

“It is our hope that justice will again prevail, and that Donald Campbell remains in prison where he belongs.”

The family didn’t wish to be interviewed about their bid to keep Donald Campbell behind bars. “Through the love, support of our amazing family, friends, and community, and rooted in our unshakable faith in God, we were able to slowly pick up the pieces and build lives of our own. We have been busy raising our families and living our lives in a fairly private manner over the past number of years, but we knew this day would come.”

The siblings did ask friends to share their concerns publicly “to create both support for our family, but also awareness among communities in Southwestern Ontario so that they are aware of the potential for this convicted murderer to be released into their communities.

“Please reach out to your local federal MP’s, provincial MPP’s, and municipal leaders to express your concern about this offender’s potential release into the community,” Brent writes.

“We thank you all for your continued prayers, support, and positive thoughts as we navigate through these new and challenging times.

“As long as we have breath, we will fight for justice for our mother whom we loved and miss so much.”

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