Enniskillen councillors up for re-election


All of Enniskillen’s current councillors have now filed their papers to run in the Oct. 24 municipal election.

Chad Burke, Judy Krall, Mary Lynne McCallum and Wally Van Dun have now submitted the paperwork for the election. So far, there are no candidates for mayor.

In Petrolia, incumbent Wade Deighton has filed his papers to run as councillor for a second term. He joins incumbents Ross O’Hara, Joel Field, Don Welten and Marty Souch on the ballot. Former councillor Liz Welsh has also declared her intention to run again. Two people are vying for the mayor’s position; incumbent Brad Loosley and former administrator Richard Poore.

In Warwick, there are finally candidates for the councillor positions. Incumbents Colin Mitchell and Wayne Morris have filed to run for council. There is also a new face in the crowd – Bill Davies.

In Plympton-Wyoming, a former school trustee, Randy Dayman, has joined the run for council. Also hoping to become councillors in the Oct. 24 election are Mike Vasey, Bob Woolvett, and Mike Thompson. Gary Atkinson and Murial Wright are running for the mayor’s position and so far Netty McEwen is unopposed for the deputy mayor’s position.

In Dawn-Euphemia, incumbent Ann Gray has filed her papers for a second term of office. She first came to council after Paul LeBoeuf moved and could no longer serve. Ironically, LeBoeuf is now the only other person who has filed papers to run in Dawn-Euphemia.

In the past week, there have been no new candidates in the races in St. Clair Township and Brooke-Alvinston.

Would-be politicians have until Aug. 17th to register for the municipal election.