Twenty year old hard wired smoke detectors need to be tested says Petrolia fire


Blake Ellis/Local Journalism Initiative

There are homes in Petrolia where owners think they have working smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, but this might not be the case, says Tim Williams, public educator with the Petrolia and North Enniskillen Fire Department.
Some homes were built in north Petrolia about 20 years ago when interconnected and hard wired smoke alarms first became law. But, at the time they did not have battery backups.
“Many residents who have not tested their alarms do not realize they are not working,” says Williams. “In many cases the alarm has stop functioning years ago.”
Residents with interconnected and hardwired smoke alarms need to test them now, said Williams by simply pressing the button on the alarm. If it beeps, it is working.
Any resident who doesn’t have battery back up, needs to replace their alarm. Every floor in the home and near any sleeping area is required by law to have a working smoke alarm and a carbon monoxide protector.
Williams says the department is trying to make people aware of the problem. They don’t plan to fine anyone without a working detector, but he hopes people will come forward if they need help. The fire department, Williams says, wants to educate and make use all homes are fully protected.
Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors need to be replaced every 10 years. It is also recommended batteries be checked and replaced every six months.

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