Over the top

George Noll peels back the curtain with a flourish to reveal the East Lambton Community Complex Fundraising Committee has surpassed its $2 million goal as his co-chair Rhonda Noll looks on.

The East Lambton Community Complex Fundraising Committee has blown past its $ 2 million fundraising goal.

Committee co-chairs George and Rhonda Noll revealed the news Thursday night saying the community has raised $2,097,949 in just 14 months a feat Rhonda Noll says is “incredible.

“The committee was blown away by the outpouring of support from our local and neighbouring communities,” Rhonda said.

The Nolls were the public face of the committee but they say the committee of

Mike Acton, Rick Bebingh, Brad Goodhill, Mark Hamel, Steve Minten, Brad Rombouts, Jackie Rombouts and Todd White should be commended for their work.

“We want to thank everyone for helping bring this building to fruition. It’s been amazing seeing people utilize the facility and YMCA and know families will enjoy the new ELCC for years to come,” says George Noll.