Construction on Nauvoo between Petrolia and Courtright Lines kicks off construction season

Earth moving by a bulldozer in the construction of a road in Spain.

Lambton County will spend about $14 million to lay down 29 kilometres of new pavement, 12 kms of paved shoulders and replace five culverts and repair four bridges this summer.

Jason Cole, the general manager of infrastructure for Lambton County, laid out the plans for the busy summer construction season to county councillors recently. Some of the items are not a surprise. Plympton-Wyoming council had already expressed concern about a lengthy road closure on Lakeshore for the extensive repairs of Bonnie Doon Bridge.

A project on Nauvoo Road between Petrolia and Courtright Lines is underway. The project to replace a culvert and rehabilitate the slope is expected to close the road for a month.

Also on the list of road repairs you might want to avoid; Starting in May, Nauvoo Road between Courtright and Rokeby Line will be repaved with new partially paved shoulders.

Construction will start in June on Mandaumin Road between Courtright Line and Rokeby Line for repaving.

Also in June, Oil Heritage Road between Edys Mills and Langbank Line will be repaved.

Bright’s Grove residents will be in the middle of construction as Lakeshore Road will be repaved, with new partially paved shoulders installed, starting in June.

If you like to go to Sarnia’s Centennial Park, you’ll find construction on Front Street starting in August between Exmouth and London Road.

And county officials say there is a possibility Mandaumin Road between Langbank and Lambton Line will be widened and reconstructed this year as well.