OPP issue alert about lethal packages of sodium nitrate


The OPP wants you to be on the lookout for packages of what could be a lethal substance.

Police are asking you to watch for packages with the names Imtime Cuisine, AmbuCA, Academic/ACademic, Escape Mode/escMode or ICemac. They contain sodium nitrate and were being sold on line and distributed by mail to more than a dozen communities across the province.

Sodium nitrate is a white, crystalline substance used as a food additive and commonly found in processed meats. Intentional consumption of excessive amounts of this substance can reduce oxygen-levels, impair breathing and can result in death.

The OPP is calling on everyone to be vigilant of the online transactions and activity of family members and the arrival of any unexpected packages in the mail.

Peel Regional Police arrested a suspect believed to be responsible for providing this product.

Anyone with information or who has received a package you suspect may contain sodium nitrate, should contact the OPP at 1-888-310-1122.


  1. People are stupid you should tell them what it is not trying to scare them saltpeter is not as lethal as you make it sound People consume it every day

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