Five Nicol scholars named at LCCVI


LCCVI celebrated academic excellence Wednesday, awarding the Nicol Scholarships.

Leah Davis-Lumley, Carson Love, Kiera Maw, Riane McEachern and Tristan Nemcek will receive the 2023 Helen Kavanagh Nicol Scholarships.

The Nicol Scholarship is awarded to the top academic students who participate in community and school life by a panel of judges which includes local ministers, politicians and school representatives. It was set up by Harold Nicol who went to LCCVI in 1914, before entering the military to join the troops in the First World War when he was just 14. When he returned, he took a college business course and worked with Western Electric which later became AT&T in Chicago.

Nicol had amassed a fortune of over $2 million. Without a family, he decided to set up the scholarship fund for LCCVI in his mother’s name.