Has Sarnia has taken over part of Wyoming?


Plympton-Wyoming Mayor Gary Atkinson is wondering out loud there is a land grab taking place on Mandaumin Line.

“I’m not sure that Sarnia has taken over part of Wyoming, but I did notice a sign probably a good 1,000 to 1,500 feet east of Mandaumin,” Atkinson asked staff during a meeting Monday.

Sarnia has been spending $225,000 to place new welcome signs at its entry points. But Sarnia officials recently found there was an Enbridge pipeline on their side of the Plympton-Wyoming border at Mandaumin and they could not erect a sign there.

Since the road allowance belongs to Lambton County, city staff asked the county if it could place it on Plympton-Wyoming’s side of the line, according to Public Works Manager Adam Sobanski.

Atkinson says the sign is a “considerable ways back” into Plympton-Wyoming.

“You may want to take a road trip, Mr. Sobanski, or perhaps we should get rent from Sarnia,” said Atkinson with the public works manager noting the money would go to Lambton County since it is their land.

“Perhaps we could get a percentage,” Atkinson said adding he just found the placement of the signs “very odd.”