One down, one to go

Bluewater Power workers repairing the pedestrian crossing on Petrolia Line Wednesday.

Petrolia crossing fixed, another planned this fall

Several weeks after being hit by lightning, the pedestrian crosswalk in Petrolia’s downtown is up and running again.

Bluewater Power workers installed the new electronics system at a cost of over $34,500 after the unit was hit by lightning in June 15.

It has a couple of new features including an audio warning that the lights are flashing and a bar of lights above the sign marking the crosswalk for greater visibility to drivers.

Meantime, Petrolia’s Director of Operations, Mike Thompson, expects a new pedestrian crossing at Queen and Petrolia Line, near Canada Post, will be installed in the early fall.

Petrolia council members included money for the additional crosswalk in the 2023 budget after the head of Lambton County Developmental Services wrote to council urging them to make crossings in town safer.

Two LCDS clients had been hit by cars recently.