Warwick and Watford firefighters to distribute free smoke/carbon monoxide detectors

Officials from Enbridge Gas and the Ontario Fire Marshal's office were on hand to present Warwick and Watford fire departments with 114 smoke/carbon monoxide detectors Thursday. Enbridge funds Project Zero which will distribute 10,000 detectors in 50 communities this year.

Firefighters in Warwick and Watford will be distributing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, thanks to Project Zero.

Enbridge Gas will provide 10,000 of the units to 50 communities in Ontario in the program.

Project Zero is run in conjunction with the Ontario Fire Marshal’s office. It’s Ontario law that homes with an attached garage or a fuel burning appliance have a carbon monoxide detector.

The combination detectors help alert homeowners of fire and the deadly odourless gas.

Watford Fire Chief Rick Sitlington says the community has never had a death which could have been prevented by a smoke/carbon monoxide detector and they would like to keep it that way.

The Watford and Warwick department have 114 detectors to distribute. They’ll be going door-to-door in October and giving them to those who don’t have a combination detector.