Soccer returns to Gorman park after 10 years


Blake Ellis/The Independent

Oil City’s Gorman Park will be getting much more use this summer.

Enniskillen Township council at its May 21 meeting, approved a soccer skills development program for youth for the soccer fields.

Tirth Barot of Petrolia had asked to use one soccer pitch at Gorman Park in July and August from Monday to Thursday from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.

The township will be charging him $500 for the two-month period.

“I am happy to see it being used,” said Councillor Mary Lynne McCallum. She added her only concern was the speed of vehicles on Oil City streets coming to and from the park. This had been a concern in the past, with Enniskillen’s Administrator-Clerk

Duncan McTavish saying the speed hump which had been installed on an Oil City street is being stored at Gorman Park.

If people are unable to control their speed, the speed hump will be installed, he said.

Barot has met with McTavish and Parks and Recreation Committee Chair Doug Krall where his responsibilities for the program were laid out.

The soccer skills development program will need to clean the park washrooms once they are open for the season and it will have use of the storage room.

The municipality will cut the grass as in the past, but any additional grass cutting will be the responsibility of the program, as well as line painting and keeping the soccer pitch clear of garbage.

This is the first time Gorman Park will have any kind of on going activity there since 2014.

McTavish says the facility has been used for family gatherings adding there is only one family reunion planned there for a weekend in June this year.