Lambton recognizes 27 Heritage Champions


Twenty-seven Lambton residents will be recognized for their commitment to preserving our history June 5.

This list includes Charlie Fairbank, who has preserved his family’s historic oil field in Oil Springs and championed the idea of the Oil Heritage District becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

His spouse, Pat McGee, who authored a number of books about local history and has also been active in the UNESCO bid will be recognized, too.

Petrolia Town Councillor Liz Welsh will be honoured for her work with Petrolia Heritage Advisory Committee, Lambton County

Historical Society, and Petrolia Discovery.

Brooke-Alvinston native Ray Lloyd, will be honoured for his work with the Lambton County Historical Society and his passionate collecting to preserve the history.

The Plympton-Wyoming Historical Society and the Sydenham Antique Club are among the organizations honoured for their work.

Here is the full list of Heritage Champions who will be honoured during June 5’s county council meeting.

  • Alan Campbell, for his dedicated support of the local Ontario Genealogical
    Society branch, representing families from across Lambton County.
  • Arkona Lions Club, for their work in preserving and interpreting an impressive
    collection of Devonian-Era fossils, minerals and artifacts found in the local area
    at the Arkona Lions Museum and Information Centre.
  • Bill Dokter Masonry, for their most recent project involving the restoration of a
    historic commercial building at 599 Broadway Street in Wyoming.
  • Charlie Fairbank, for his work in drawing attention to the oil history of Enniskillen Township for over 50 years, engaging government, industry associations, media, institutions and the community in preserving and celebrating Lambton’s proud oil heritage.
  • George Smith (Posthumous), an avid historian and local history author, for his
    past work with the Lambton County Historical Society and heritage advocacy.
  • Greg Stott, for his work in promoting the history of Lambton County as an author and historian.
  • Helen Danby, for her work in researching and recording the history of local
    Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire (IODE) chapters, and as volunteer
    Archivist for IODE Ontario.
  • Heritage St. Clair Committee, for their work in preserving and promoting the
    storied history of St. Clair Township, including heritage advocacy, programs and
    events, advisory support to the municipality, and community interpretive signage.
  • John Rochon, for his work in local historical research and promoting awareness
    of the history of Lambton County.
  • Kip Cuthbert, for his work in research and writing about the stories of Sarnia and Lambton County for over 50 years.
  • Kiwanis Club of Forest, for their work in rehabilitating and expanding the 107-
    year-old Kineto Theatre, Forest in a manner that celebrates the rich history of the
  • theatre in the community.
  • Krystyna Stalmach, for her promotion of Polish-Canadian heritage and the
    experiences of Polish immigrants through research, tours and exhibitions.
  • Lambton Agricultural Hall of Fame, for their work in honouring the individuals,
    organizations and businesses that have had a positive influence on agriculture
    and the rural community within Lambton County.
  • Lambton County Developmental Services, for their work on the restoration
    and conversion of the former post office in downtown Petrolia to create
    accessible, affordable housing and street front shops.
  • Lambton Shores Phragmites Community Group, for their leadership as a
    volunteer group working with organizations to preserve the natural heritage of
    Lambton County through the removal and control of invasive phragmites.
  • Liz Welsh, for her work in preserving and celebrating the history of the Town of
    Petrolia through the Petrolia Heritage Advisory Committee, Lambton County
    Historical Society, and Petrolia Discovery.
  • Marg Scott, for her work in preserving the history of the Village of Point Edward, and making research and historical artifacts available at the Point Edward
  • Marjorie Cumming, for her work in promoting the history of Brooke-Alvinston
    and her work with the Lambton County Historical Society.
  • Mary and Paul Janes, for volunteering their time and talents to preserving the
    heritage of Warwick Township through research, the scanning of old photos,
    contributions to historical publications, and the development of video projects
    celebrating local history.
  • Pat McGee, for her work in advocating for the oil history of Oil Springs, and
    working in collaboration with the County of Lambton and the Oil Museum of
    Canada National Historic Site to raise awareness of the importance of Lambton’s oil heritage.
  • Plympton-Wyoming Historical Society, for their dedication to the preservation
    of the history of Plympton-Wyoming through the museum site and a variety of
    community events and programs.
  • Ray Lloyd, for his work with the Lambton County Historical Society and his
    passionate collecting to preserve the history of Lambton County.
  • Shelley Lucier-Lord, for her past and current work with the Sombra Museum,
    supporting the museum’s collections, exhibits, events and programs.
  • Shirley Perriam, for her many years of work in preserving and promoting the
    heritage of Arkona and area.
  • Steve Loxton, for his local heritage advocacy efforts, and for his work on the
    preservation of the Cull Drain Bridge.
  • Sydenham Antique Club, for their work in celebrating rural heritage in Dawn-
    Euphemia through the annual ‘Grand Ole Power Days’ event.