Warwick Township council goes live on line

Warwick Township will become the first Central Lambton community to hold meetings online. The province gave municipalities the right to meet remotely after physical distancing requirements were put in place to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus. The township is holding a a special council meeting Thursday at 6:30 pm using Zoom teleconferencing and… Read more »

Six Lambton residents have died of COVID-19

Lambton Public Health says new test results show six people have died of COVID-19. Tests released today show two people, on in their 70s one in their 80s, passed away March 31 of the novel coronavirus.  Four of the people who have died have been connected to an outbreak at Landmark Village in Sarnia. It’s… Read more »

Another COVID-19 death is linked to outbreak at Sarnia retirement home

Another person connected to Landmark Village in Sarnia has died of COVID-19. Lambton Public Health says five people have died, four of which have been connected to the outbreak at Landmark Village. Dr. Sudit Ranade says there have been 11 people test positive for the novel coronavirus there. Ranade confirmed that some are employees of… Read more »

Petrolia made 3D printer face shields in demand

Alex Billings has health care workers backs. The Petrolia man and three others he recruited through various Facebook interactions are building face shields with 3D printers in Petrolia. The former air force traffic technician who retired after being diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder had a couple of ideas for useful items once the novel… Read more »