Strong crowds at Petrolia Enniskillen Fair

The Brooke-Alvinston-Watford Fall Fair will include a demolition derby this year. The ag society there, and in Petrolia, are hosting events following COVID-19 protocols.
fair wrestlers 1
The wrestlers were a popular attraction at this year’s Petrolia Enniskillen Fall Fair.

Organizers of the Petrolia Enniskillen Fall Fair are smiling today after strong attendance and record breaking entries for the 2013 edition.

President Judy Krall says the weekend started off with a bang as hundreds of people came out for the opening night. “Friday night was the shocker,” she says “the beer tent sold out by 10:30. How do you know? It’s so hard to predict the weather.”

Krall says there were a large number of parade entries and “there were a record number of 4H entries in the livestock divisions. That was kind of unusual.”

The demolition derby on Sunday also drew hundreds to the Petrolia fairgrounds. There were 33 entries this year.

Even Saturday’s rain didn’t dampen spirits. “I sat out in the rain watching the wrestlers,” says Krall “the bleachers were full. People didn’t care; they’d sit in the rain.”



  1. The wrestling was great as usual. I really enjoyed watching the wrestlers interact with the fans. They are a great source of good fun. Even the rain did not put a damper on the afternoon. One of the wrestlers called the crowd a bunch of hicks but I am proud to be a hick and I love this town even though I have only lived here just over 10 years, Petrolia is a great town to live in, with the Playhouse, quaint shops, restaurants and most of all the friendly people who always greet you with a smile and a “Hello”.

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